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There are a thousand reasons to visit the south of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro of course, with its Christ Redemptor, the legendary beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, and the cariocas meeting places . For its Carnival , the most famous in the world that meets every year all the major samba schools in an electric atmosphere . For the " futebol " true national sport that is admired worldwide . Paraty , this historical city where time seems to stand still or Iguaçu Falls , a true spectacle of nature . But what we love most in the south of Brazil, is the atmosphere of the streets and the mood of local met around a caipirinha at the water's edge or in one of the homes in the favelas transformed in boutique hotel with stunning views of the Sugar Loaf.
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  • bresil-body1Seasons : From December to March, it is summer in the south of Brazil. It is hot in Rio and São Paulo. There may be sudden and sometimes torrential tropical rains . Winter in this region extends from June to September but the climate is mild with temperatures around 12 ° C at night and 25 ° c day . On the coast , the climate is almost Mediterranean : mild winter and hot summer.
  • Visa : For the US Citizen, passport valid at least 6 months validity after your return date and visa requirements for stays of less than three months .
  • Health : No vaccines required to enter Brazil except the vaccine against yellow fever for travelers from other countries in South America or Africa . Vaccination against DT Polio , typhoid and hepatitis A / B is recommended . Non-drinkable water.
  • Time zone : GMT – 3 hours
  • International airlines : TAM, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines
  • Domestic airlines : TAM, Gol Linhas Aereas, Azul or Trip.
  • Flight time : 15h00 from United States to Rio (GIG)



Our suggestions

  • bresil-body2Rio + Paraty 7D/6N : Copacabana/Ipanema + Tijuca/Corcovado forest (Christ) + Sugarloaf + Lapa district + Santa Teresa + Village of Paraty with boat tour. Flights arrival / departure Rio (GIG).
  • Rio + Ilha Grande 8D/7N : Copacabana/Ipanema + Tijuca/Corcovado forest (Christ) + Sugarloaf + Lapa district + Santa Teresa + Ilha Grande wild island. Flights arrival / departure Rio (GIG).
  • Circuit Pantanal 8D/7N : Visit of Rio in 4D/3N + North Pantanal (observation of jaguar) or South (observation of flora and fauna) in 4D/3N. Flight arrival Rio (GIG)/ Flight departure Cuiaba (CGB) or Campo Grande (CGR).
  • South Brazil 11D/10N : São Paulo + Igazu waterfalls in the brazilian side and in the argentinian sides + Rio and beaches of Copacabana/Ipanema + Tijuca/Corcovado forest (Christ) + Sugarloaf  + Lapa district + Santa Teresa. Flight arrival São Paulo (GRU)/ flight departure Rio (GIG).