In the footsteps of " Big Five "

Everyone is unanimous in saying that Tanzania is a country of breathtaking beauty which counts among its treasures ... The highest mountain in Africa, the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro whose summit culminates at 5895 meters altitude. The Serengeti National Park that you can fly in a balloon, with thousands of wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, elephants, gazelles and other crocodiles that live there. Ngorongoro Crater, internationally acclaimed UNESCO heritage, which will delight fans safaris. Olduvai Gorge, a veritable cradle of civilizations. The Selous game renowned for its fantastic. Ruaha, one of the largest national parks in Africa. After a safari or Kilimanjaro Climb, you can extend a beach holiday on the island of Zanzibar. The Spice Island, where travelers can relax in a dream setting. In Tanzania, you will visit the Bomas, Maasai villages, people Maasai warriors with their ancestral way of life and traditions. * Big Five: lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos.
Maasai Wanderings & Nasikia Camps


  • Seasons : From January to March , the climate is warm and sunny. This is the birth season. Best time to travel to Zanzibar. April showers major mid- May From June to September , the climate is mild and infrequent précipations . This is the season of the great wildebeest migration Masai Mara to Kenya. Short rains from October to December . Good time for a safari in the Serengeti .
  • Visa : passport valid at least 6 months validity after your return date + Tanzanian visa US $ 50 payable in cash at the airport. As of 1 July 2015 , US $ 1 per person per night for stays in Zanzibar and US $ 1 per person for a domestic flight from Zanzibar.
  • Health : Yellow Fever and international book of compulsory vaccinations. The diphtheria vaccinations, tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A/B, typhoid and rabies are recommended. Provide repellents against mosquitoes + antimalarial treatment to avoid the risk of malaria.
  • Time zone : GMT + 3 hours
  • Airlines : KLM/Air France, Qatar Airways , Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa, British Airways.
  • Flight time : 15h00 / 16h00 from East Coast of United States and Kilimandjaro




Our suggestions

  • tanzanie-body2Safari « 3 National Parks » 5D/4N : Manyara + Ngorongoro Crater + Tarangire Park + Manyara Park. Flights arrival /departure Kilimandjaro (JRO).
  • Combined Safari « 3 National Parks » + Zanzibar : Manyara + Ngorongoro Crater+ Tarangire Park + Manyara Park + Beach Holiday in the resort in Zanzibar. Flight arrival Kilimandjaro (JRO) / Flight departure Zanzibar (ZNZ).
  • Safari « 4 National Parks » 8D/7N : Manyara + Ngorongoro Park + Tarangire Park + Manyara Park + Serengeti Park. Flights arrival /departure Kilimandjaro (JRO).
  • Trekking Kilimandjaro 6D/5N ou 7D/6N : Climbing Mount Kilimandjaro (5 895 m) by Machame route. Flights arrival /departure Kilimandjaro (JRO).

Note : We recommend safaris for children from 10 years.

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